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:Vanshree: Synthesis of Old and The New

Manish Patel, known for his vast experience in F & B industry, part of Rajvadu family now ventures out into a completely fresh and new Avtaar where nature is kept alive and so are the traditions which are deep-rooted food as well, the food which runs in our veins. The new Avtaar retains the old values in every aspect, yet branches out into an open sky full of various cuisines. Charvi along with her team has put in all her hard work experience and effort to curate the menu where they have used maximum ingredients that are rich in nutrition, yet very innovative and unique.

Vanshree reflects an amalgamation of food and nature, as their tag line goes, ‘Prakruti nu saundarya, swad nu madhurya”. The food connoisseurs when step into this newly renovated place will get nostalgic about old Amdavad food days when this location used to be one of the most preferred gastronomic destination.

“Beyond just food, we have put in efforts to a very minuscule level in order to impart the essence traditions. The utensils used are that of brass and bottles are made of copper. We ensure that water is stored overnight after the cleaning bit is done.  These were the practices of older times which we are trying to keep alive. Though we serve a surfeit selection of cuisines, we made a conscious decision to stick to the traditional tableware”, says the young enthusiast Charvi Patel.
Charvi is a young entrepreneur, having a strong zeal and commitment level, after doing Hotel Management; she started her career with a five-star hotel so she gathers industry expertise and the finesse required in the industry. Now she is part of a family venture along with her father, husband and brother who are partners. Charvi is also is a mother to a year and a half old son with whom she spends the first half of the day and the rest goes into Vanshree where late nights are quite normal as a routine.  
I tried my hands on “Coras” to begin with inspired by the English version or maybe a coconut juice or rus, this coconut water-based drink having a hint of rose and lemon, loaded with chia seeds is very healthy which rules over the synthetic artificially flavoured mocktails. Cuboholic is another highly recommended fresh fruit based innovation.
Dahi Waffle Chaat, have you ever tried a waffle in this healthy format where the fried vadas are smartly replaced. Aloo candy chat is another creative version where the age-old favourite Aloo tikki is crafted in a candy format, topped with cheese.. can a Tikki get even better!!!
Aloo Candy Chaat
Tandoori trails are a must try! The Kebab studio platter carries all the goodies from the hot oven.. khichu fried and rolled into a kebab, mushrooms stuffed with cheese,  dahi kebab, Brocolli mutter lollipop is a craftsmanship where the greens are served in the interesting shape of a lollipop, good indulgence for the health freaks.
Brocolli Mutter Lollypop

Have you guys ever had a vegetarian Tunde Miya ke kebab, here Vanshree has it all, made from yam and ratalu, served on a mini warqui paratha.. your taste buds will just get flattered!!

Tunde Miya - veg avtaar

You will go nuts on the Special nuts and veggie pizza, plated with silver!!

So from a Masala Khichdi to a Once upon a Time loved Veg Stroganoff with herb rice..

Once upon a time, the rice becomes a stroganoff 
From a Kachori Kulcha to make your own wood fire pizza..

And from the Gulkand shots to a Mishthan Thaal, where all the goodies from sweets come in a platter!!

So be it, friends or family, Vanshree is a place where you feast and interact amidst nature. The circular glass house tent has water coolers smartly fitted, so that you don’t miss out on the breeze amidst the greens.

To encapsulate in a line, Vanshree carries the true essence of all!!

Address: Vanshree, Iskon Ambli Road, Ahmedabad
Price for two - Rs. 950/-
Good for groups and families.


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